So we’ve had our first confirmed case. Now what?

If you missed the press conference this morning, Abilene has now had its first confirmed case. He is a patient under the care of the Hendrick Health System and is an adult.

Now what?

Please, STAY CALM. Lets be very real and honest. We have most likely had COVID-19 in our community for some time now. Remember, MOST CASES OF THIS ILLNESS ARE MILD.

It remains important to simply continue to do what we have ALREADY been doing in our community very well.

  2. Keep your social distancing
  3. If you have symptoms of cough/congestion or fever…..stay at home
  4. If you are a patient at risk (older than 60 years, chronic medical conditions, pregnant, or an infant) please remember it is even more important for you to stay home unless you have a necessary reason to get out in the community

If you have questions or concerns, remember that WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. Call. If your child is showing symptoms of illness we still feel it is important that you are calling our office and running things by our staff. There is no reason to rush to the emergency department for symptoms of cough, congestion, or fever.


Pediatric Associates

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