Office Updates/Reminders

First things first, don’t forget to look at our BLOG link on the website regularly as we’ll be posting updates on COVID-19!!!


Below is our new provider schedule that reflects our “Wellness Clinic” and “Illness Clinic” model that takes effect MONDAY, MARCH 23 in order to limit exposure of your well babies to COVID-19.  Most of your providers will be found where they have been in the past. PLEASE BE FLEXIBLE with us as many of you will run into having a sick child on a day that your provider is in “Wellness Clinic” and will be unable to see them. Appointments will be offered for your sick little ones with providers staffing the “Illness Clinic” on that day.

Here are reminders for what each office will be used for during this time:

  • ILLNESS CLINIC – Hickory Street Office:
    • ALL sick patients
    • Patients receiving antibiotic injections
  • WELLNESS CLINIC – Buffalo Gap Office:
    • All well child check-ups
    • Weight checks
    • Synagis shots
    • Vaccine only nurse visits
    • Newborn jaundice checks
  • If you’re child is UNDER 2 MONTHS OLD, please speak with a NURSE to determine appropriate location for him/her to be seen


This “Empty Waiting Room” approach has been going pretty well! We want to say THANK YOU for your patience with us in this process. Remember, our goal here is to AVOID CONTACT with any individual who may have been exposed to or have COVID-19 and to assist in SOCIAL DISTANCING. Keep in mind, your child is still MUCH more likely to have a cold, an ear infection, strep, or a stomach bug during this time and it is important that you feel safe in having them seen for their illness. A reminder of the process:

  • If you have a scheduled appointment or walk in to be seen, we ask that you please WAIT IN YOUR CAR and call the number below assigned to the office where you are. We will check you in and call to notify you when your child’s room is ready.
    • ILLNESS CLINIC – Hickory Street Office: 325-793-8306 or 325-793-8314
    • WELLNESS CLINIC – Buffalo Gap Office: 325-704-6049
  • Remember, these numbers are FOR CHECK-IN ONLY. For appointments or other needs, please call our main number 325-677-2801.
  • If you are not getting through on one of the designated office lines to check-in, please call our main office number.


  • To decrease the risk of exposure for you and your children, we kindly ask that you make every effort to have ONLY ONE PARENT/GUARDIAN accompany the child that needs to be seen. Please keep siblings, grandparents, and others at home if possible.

Finally for real this time….We are SO thankful for you and your continued trust in us to care for those that you value over anything in this world. We are honored and humbled and promise to do everything we can to help you through these uncertain times. If you think there’s something we can improve on, please tell your provider when you see him/her face to face. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.


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