Burglar or Bandit? Or maybe neither….

We’re not bandits, burglars, or thieves. We’re not masked monsters. No, we’re not even superheroes or masked avengers. We’re the same pediatric providers we have always been. We just get to wear masks every day now.

We’ve noticed some more timid and reluctant faces on our patients recently during check-ups and ill visits. We know it can be intimidating for your little one to have to interact with a stranger, especially now that those strangers (us!) are wearing masks during visits. Take a minute to share this post with them and introduce them to their masked pediatrician or NP. All are featured below except for Heidi Benson who has unfortunately been out of the office recently.

We look forward to seeing you soon….masks and all!

Dr. Tuegel


Dr. Wiley

Dr. Thomason

Dr. McClatchy

Dr. Barham

Dr. West

Dr. Gomez

Heidi Benson

Lydia Ezzell


Pearl Wagley

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