A Message from Dr. Wiley

To the families that I have been blessed to serve:

For the last 25 years, I have walked through the door of Pediatrics Associates with such an anticipation of seeing the families that have defined my life and working with the people I call family. I have always viewed my opportunity to be a small part of a family’s journey as one of the greatest blessings in my life. Watching families grow-up is the best job (I feel guilty calling it a job…it was always a new adventure every day) anybody can ever have. The opportunity to walk with a family through the highs and lows of life is a God-given gift and I have never taken this for granted.

Pediatric Associates understands the importance of compassion and integrity when it involves the children of our community. Each provider and employee are dedicated to our mission of providing care to the children of the Big Country with honesty and empathy for our families.  There is no better practice in Pediatrics in this country.

With this said, I am transitioning to be the full-time Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at Hendrick Health on November 12, 2021, and will no longer be seeing patients in the office during the week. Parents ask me who in this practice I would have care for my children. That is the beautiful thing about Pediatric Associates. The quality of care will be exceptional, whoever a family sees in our practice. Pediatric Associates consists of health care providers whose primary goal is to provide the best pediatric care that is possible.

I can never express enough gratitude to Pediatric Associates and the families who have made my world a better place.

Rob (Dr. Wiley)


Pediatric Associates wants to wish Dr. Wiley the best of luck in his new full time career with Hendrick Health. While he will be sorely missed as one of our family, we are confident that Dr. Wiley will continue to excel in his role as CMO and will help Hendrick continue to serve this community at the highest standards. While we would love to facilitate an opportunity for the countless families to express their thanks to Dr. Wiley in person, we feel that given the state of the pandemic it would be best to ask instead that you please send him a quick (or long) note expressing your thanks for all that he has meant in the lives of you and your children. We’re hoping that these will be something that Dr. Wiley can cherish for many years to come. Please send your letters to the office via snail mail (yes, this is old fashioned of us) at the following address BEFORE November 12th.

Pediatric Associates

Attn: Farewell Dr. Wiley

1850 Hickory Street, Suite 102

Abilene, TX  79601

We look forward to giving him all of these heart felt expressions of gratitude as a parting gift from you, his patients who have meant so much to him throughout his 25 years serving this community as a pediatrician.

We remain committed to caring for the many patients Dr. Wiley currently has in his practice. If your child is already an established patient at Pediatric Associates, you do not need a new patient appointment with another provider in our group to become established with that provider. Simply ask to schedule with the provider of your choice when you are making the next check up or sick appointment for your child. While there is variability in provider availability given each individual doctor’s current practice size, we agree with Dr. Wiley’s statement that, “The quality of care will be exceptional, whoever a family sees in our practice,” and our providers are looking forward to getting to know your children and hope to be as impactful in their lives as Dr. Wiley has been…but we understand that that is a tall order. Rob, you will be missed.


Pediatric Associates

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